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Letting the customer speak: fulfillment and peaks

Rolf, E-commerce Manager: “CLS Europe has proven to be a reliable partner and supported our growth for many years already. The strategic location close to the Nordics and also close to Germany has given us good lead times to cover our main markets and we have been very happy with the service.

They have also supported us with customized solutions to support the special Equestrian niche we operate in, including specialistic services such as embroidery.

CLS Europe has flexible work forces and has supported us during seasonal peaks such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other big sales events.”

Black Week 2019

We look back on a very successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this year for the first time preceded by a Black Week.

All employees have put their shoulders to the wheel. Together with the good preparation, this has delivered for a very flexible period, during which we have done more work than ever planned!

Hard work should be celebrated and we do this by joint maels at work and extra breaks with snacks. Also, the always busy Christmas period is coming, we are going to continue to work hard and celebrate, with a nice Christmas celebration at the end of December to conclude the year!

We will continue here, and we wish everyone a good and successful 2020!

Letting the customer speak: Seasonals

Hanna, International Sales Manager: CLS Europe has several years of experience in arranging tightly scheduled seasonal launch distribution. Arranging simultaneously for a quick handling of multiple incoming shipments and further distributing these on time to hundreds of retail stores all around Europe requires excellent project management and flexibility in production capacity and employee resources.  CLS Europe’s well prepared projects and service minded team leaders ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for the customer.


Twice a year our extra warehouse fills itself with seasonal items. This concerns hundreds of different items that must be sent to a few hundred different stores within a few weeks in preparation for the new season. In this half-yearly recurring project, we manage with just information about the departure from the factory in Asia and a delivery schedule for the various stores. We completely relieve the organization of transport, the creation and conversion of locations, order picking and transport of the customer!

Digitizing Return Process

Recently, we have been busy with the further digitization of our return process, in collaboration with one of our clients. This renewal means that end customers can now indicate on the website what they are returning and why, so that the process in the warehouse is more efficient and faster. This ensures that the customer receives his money or a replacement product as quickly as possible. Continuous improvement is what drives and motivates us!


Last June we had a successful summer closing with a football game and BBQ. A large number of employees had divided themselves into two teams and played an exciting game. After the match, a well-kept BBQ was ready. Despite the fact that we are working through the summer, we would like to seize the opportunity to go out together for a while at the start of the summer. It was a nice end to this season. In the summer we of course continue to work and we look forward to an active and interesting autumn!

Letting the customer speak: VAL and peaks

Our customer comments on Value Added Logistics and Peaks

Siegfried, Chief Procurement Officer: CLS offers a wide range of value added services which makes us feel comfortable to meet the needs of our customers.  Amongst others embroidery service, custom clearance, sea transport to our customers worldwide. Employees of CLS speak their languages which makes communication easily for us.

Siegfried: CLS has proven to be a reliable and highly involved cooperation partner when it concerns peaks in workload related to monthly campaigns, web campaigns, Black Friday and seasonal shifts. 
CLS manage to keep agreed delivery times with strongly fluctuating workload. CLS realizes this amongst other by flexibility in both competences of employees and flexibility in available capacity.

Collaboration with local companies

From 2017 on, we have worked together with a local sheltered employment company for labor-intensive assignments. For example, we received an order where thousands of items had to be assigned an extra customs sticker. This should not just be on the package, but in the package on the item itself. For a job like this we like to call in our partner. In this way we can serve our client in a responsible manner.


At the request of a client we have had an embroidery department for years. Here we can design and realize an embroidery of a name of logo on all kinds of different materials to the wishes of the end customer. We have experiences with large description embroidery and with specific designs, is not too strange for us.

Black Friday 2018

Black Friday 2018 was a great success! Due to recent adjustments and a conversion, we have increased our production capacity fivefold in the months before Black Friday! This allowed us to easily process numbers that we had never thought possible. During Black Friday it became clear how much these improvements had been needed, but there also turned out to be capacity! This would never have been possible without our motivated employees. Thank you very much for everyone who is committed to making Black Friday this year a success!

New Orderpick charts

With our  innovation driven culture and motivated team we want to find the best solution for each process and are constantly looking for better solutions. For example, the carts we use for B2C picking are originally made for the flower auction. We developped our own for maximal flexibility, and now we have convertable carts that can hold between 8 and 60 orders.

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